Sony to Bring DSLR Quality Cameras for Smartphones

At a recent press conference, the head of Sony’s imaging and sensing solutions business explained the Company’s operations and shed light on its journey. He also talked about what Sony expects from its future.

During the press conference, the officials accepted that the rapid growth in demand for multi-sensor cameras was overwhelming and exceeded their expectations. This helped the company ramp up its production and revenue as well.

Currently, the Japanese giant is working on improving and innovating its new imaging sensors including HDR, low light, autofocus, and high-speed focus. According to Sony’s imaging and sensing solutions business, the Company aspired to catch up with DSLRs in terms of imaging quality. The goal certainly looks difficult, but if there is anyone that can do it, it’s Sony.

To execute the plan, the company said it will deploy large sized chips and will apply the polarized sensing technology on top of it. This will help in improving industrial applications and in innovating surveillance technologies.

While explaining the Company’s future goals, he also added:

Sony Group has a wealth of business, sensors are used in professional camera products, micro-cameras, cars, robots, and other products. Our chips have to fulfill many technical demands. This is an advantage over competitors, and we will continue to deploy this.

Apart from this, Sony also expects to achieve an HDR+ background blur by deploying fusing technology.

With the current pace of production, Sony is expecting to achieve 1.04 trillion yen in sales with image sensors. Around 80% of this revenue will be courtesy of ever-increasing demand for imaging sensors for mobile phones.