Taliban hails US troop draw-down from Afghanistan

KABUL – The Taliban on Saturday welcomed the latest withdrawal of United States troops from Afghanistan, calling the continued reduction of American forces a “good advancement”……

The statement came just hours after the US announced it had cut troop levels in Afghanistan to 2,500 –the lowest in nearly two decades.

Earlier in the year 2020, the US agreed on a deal with the Taliban in Qatar to begin withdrawing its soldiers in return for a commitment to peace talks with Afghanistan.

Taliban spokesman Mohammad Naeem tweeted in accordance with the development. He wrote, the withdrawal of other US forces from Afghanistan, which was announced by the US yesterday, is a good advancement and practical measure,”

He added, ”Undoubtedly, the practice of the agreement signed between the IEA and the US is in the benefit of both countries and nations.We ensure them from our side that we are committed to the commitments made in the agreement and want the same from the other side.”

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Now the Taliban and Afghanistan government are waiting for the arrival of president-elect Joe Biden in Washington as the incoming administration will give new policy directions for the region.