Tania Aidrus Vows to Bring Paypal & Cryptocurrency in Pakistan


Tania Aidrus, the head of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s flagship program “Digital Pakistan,” has pledged to bring PayPal and cryptocurrency in the country.

She made these remarks while speaking at an interactive session with the country’s top entrepreneurs at the Usman Institute of Technology (UIT) on Monday.

During her address, Tania said that she is fully aware of the financial issues faced by the country’s freelancers due to the unavailability of PayPal.

We don’t have any champions of ours in PayPal, and it isn’t easy to bring it in the country.

Aidrus remarked that to bring PayPal to Pakistan, the government will need to fulfill its terms and improve relations with other countries. She maintained that PayPal will need a 100 percent surety of safety in the country.

We need to give them an assurance that if they come here, we will understand their issues of compliance. We will start engaging them in a way that will be understandable to them.

Tania was YouTube’s country manager for Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh when the online video streaming platform was blocked in the country. Reflecting on that time, she said that the matter could not be solved early due to the lack of legal infrastructure.

“While the Pakistani government wanted the controversial content to be blocked and taken down, YouTube wanted a local (.pk) domain for Pakistan first.

The issue was finally resolved after three years when both sides understood each other’s demands.

YouTube was conveyed how important it was to take down controversial content, and the Pakistani government was communicated that if they asked to take down some video on YouTube every second, it would not work.

She also highlighted the hurdles in starting a business in Pakistan, noting that it takes at least three to four months to legally start a business here, thanks to all the prerequisites and procedures.

Opening a corporation must not be a hassle. We have to make it simple.

Tania mentioned that only 20 percent of Pakistanis have bank accounts as compared to 80 percent in India.

She added that doubling down the number in the next few years will be one of the biggest challenges for the country.