Telenor Really Needs to Know the Principles of Good Customer Services


Telenor, claims to be one of the leading mobile operators of Pakistan. I wonder how they came to this conclusion; their customer care services are so disappointing. I use Telenor network and being a postpaid user I am intended to get Telenor tax certificate from July 2018-June 2019. It’s been a month that I am continuously calling on their UAN: 042-111-345-100 and asking for the tax certificate but I did not get any positive response from the company. Do they really know what are good customer services?

Good Customer Services: Alas! Telenor Doesn’t Know Anything About It

I got tired of listening to the same excuse again and again that we are updating our system. By the way, how much time it will take? I also called on the helpline 345 but there I even didn’t get an option to get connected with a customer service representative to discuss my ongoing issue.

Being a filer, I really need this customer tax certificate so that I could attach it to my income tax return as proof of payment of tax.

Telenor should understand how it is important to develop a healthy relationship with their customers. Providing only the good quality services to the customers are not enough to keep them satisfy and fulfill their requirements. Personally, I think that customers feel more content and happy when the company treats them nicely and listen to their issues with great concerns. As far as I have experienced, Telenor is providing poor customer relation service, which they really need to improve.