The recent rains in Baluchistan and Sindh have raised the level of water in the Hub Dam.

The recent spell of rainfall in the catchment area of Hub Dam in Balochistan and Sindh, has increased the water level at the lake of the dam by 20 feet on Friday.

The irrigation department officials today said that the water level at the dam’s reservoir has reached to 298 feet, 20 feet above the level measured before the rain.

The dam reservoir still receiving the inflow from the catchment area, officials said.

Heavy rainfall in the catchment area of the Hub Dam, especially in Lasbela and Khuzdar districts of Balochistan, have resulted in a considerable increase in the water level in the dam, which had reached to dead level due to lack of rains and years of drought in Balochistan and Sindh, officials said on Thursday.

The catchment areas of the Hub Dam is spread over thousands of kilometres in Balochistan and Sindh.

Owing to the low supply from the dam, many areas in the western and central districts of the Karachi were facing acute water shortage.

A 30-kilometer-long canal with its designed capacity supplies around 100 million gallons of water daily (mgd) to Karachi.

Lack of rainfall in the dam catchment area created drought-like situation, while a major portion of the dam’s reservoir, around 26 square kilometers, almost dried up.

The dam’s old structure and poor maintenance had resulted in leakages and breaches in the water body.

The recent rains in Balochistan and Sindh have raised the level of water in the Hub Dam, making it possible for the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board to resume the supply of water to the city.

According to the KWSB’s officials, the water board will start supplying water from the dam over the next few days.

At the current level, up to 70 million gallons of water per day can be supplied to the city for the next one year, officials said.