The Next Playstation VR Headset will be Wireless

As the launch date of PlayStation 5 draws near, more details on the upcoming console are surfacing as patents and leaks.

According to a patent recently granted to Sony, the company is working on the next version of PlayStation VR which will be completely wireless and will have a “transparent mode” that will let the user look around in the real world while wearing the headset.

What’s New?

The patent reveals that PSVR2 will sport a near-identical design to the existing PSVR, with the exception of two integrated cameras at the front and back.

There will be a dedicated camera for the Move controller as well, more cameras on the headset for improved movement tracking, and each eyepiece will have a screen of its own to project 3D images into the user’s retina.

All of these new features combined will enable the new Transparent Mode which will let users see their surroundings. This suggests that Sony may have a PSVR AR title coming up with the PS5.

Players will also be able to attach the PSVR 2 with a wire, as they do now, or wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Launching With PS5?

Rumors suggest that PlayStation VR 2 will launch alongside PS5 in Q4 2020, but there is no evidence to support this claim yet.

It should also be noted that just because Sony has been granted this patent does not guarantee that this technology will be used in one of their products. Companies often file patents that they never use.