These Are The Latest Stats for PM’s Citizen Portal App

The initiative by Prime Minister Imran Khan of launching a citizen portal app, where people can reach the government directly and convey their grievances, has been lauded by the general public.

The app, launched on Oct. 29, aimed at bridging the gap between the government and the public. It was also to enable the government to understand the performance of ministries and departments.

The statistics show that people have used this app a lot and used it as a way to reach out to the PM directly. Not only have the local residents used this app, but overseas Pakistanis have also taken to this portal to file complaints against what they found unsatisfactory.
Since its launch, a total of 535,134 individuals have used this app. Among these, 493,705 are in Pakistan, 39,946 are overseas while 1,482 are foreigners.

The province-wise breakdown of the users is as follow:

As per the details, out of 25,476 complaints, only 1558 have been resolved till now.

A majority of the users seem to be satisfied with the app and the initiative. They say that their issue was resolved quickly and smoothly after they reported it.

While many were satisfied with the app, some did not have a good experience. Some of the individuals have also reported that the app marked their issue resolved even though no progress was made in this regard.

The initiative is the first of its kind in Pakistan. Even though it’s not perfect, it’s still a good effort to allow for better communication between the people and the government.

Via: Twitter