This Is How Pakistan Can Still Qualify For Semi-finals Despite Losing From New Zealand

If Pakistan manages to win the next three matches, it will get 11 points.
Islamabad (Webpaki/ Pakistan News – 26th June, 2019) Pakistan will play against New Zealand in the ICC World Cup today.

If Pakistan wins, it will pave the way towards semi-finals. However, if it defeats, it will still not be out of the tournament.

Pakistan is currently at 7th number on the points table with five points. If Pakistan manages to win the next three matches, it will get 11 points.

In this case, Pakistan can qualify for semi-finals if Sri Lanka and England loses even one of their remaining matches.

After England’s defeat by Australia in yesterday’s matches, chances for Pakistan’s entry to the semi-finals have further increased. It will not be out of the tournament even if it faces defeat at the hands of New Zeland today since England has to play against New Zealand and India.

If England loses both these matches, it will be out of the tournament while Pakistan will be among the top four if it wins the next two matches.

Interestingly Pakistan is a visibly superior team compared with Kiwis at the English soil as four matches were played between them in England in the past. Pakistan emerged winners in three matches and lost one.

Pakistan’s crucial match in the ongoing World cricket Cup will be on June 26 against New Zealand and a victory on part of green shirts will brighten their chances to remain in contention for the semi final line up.

According to the statists of the matches so far played between Pakistan and New Zealand in the previous World Cups, Pakistan has a better win striker rate against New Zealand, carving out success in six matches, losing two, out of eight played.

Pakistan also remained a unbeaten side in the Champions trophy tournaments in past. Pakistan has a all win record in the previous three meetings against New Zealand in the Champions trophy. Pakistan and New Zealand have won the Champions trophy apiece in the past.