This Pakistani is the 2nd Tallest Man in the World

A Pakistani man has been acknowledged as the second tallest man in the world. Zia Rasheed, a young man in his early twenties, maybe the second tallest man worldwide but he’s still the tallest in Pakistan.

Zia Rasheed, a native of Vehari, is 23 years old at the moment. According to him, he stands at a height of eight feet and three inches according to his statement.

Zia Rasheed, on the other hand, is not just perfectly healthy he’s faring better than that. The young man is training in the Korean martial art of Taekwondo. Zia revealed his interest in the sparring sport to be for physical fitness and self-defense.

The training camp that he has joined was in his hometown Vehari. Zia is a regular because he wants to ensure his body fitness. He said that it was a dream of his to train in martial arts and he’s happy to be doing that.

On the matter of his education, Zia said that he was educated till the matriculation level. While he does wish to add to his academic qualifications, financial issues and travelling problems stand in the way of that.

The aspiring martial artist demanded that the government financially assist him to better his living standards.

On the financial front, Zia Rasheed’s Taekwondo instructor said that he too could follow suit in that path. The Taekwondo instructor stated that currently the training being given to Zia Rasheed is just the initial phase. He was hopeful that Zia would complete his training in the duration of one year.

Via Times of Islamabad