This Smartphone Folds Into a Harmonium-like Form Factor

Foldable smartphones are all over the news these days. Now that there are smartphones folding in half, a company is working on a phone that folds in thirds. The result is a weird-looking double-hinged smartphone that is able to fold in three halves. Think of a harmonium in the shape of a smartphone.

TCL’s new concept smartphone is a tri-folding device that opens up to a huge 10-inch display. The two hinges are able to fold in opposite directions that fold the device into a Z shape and finally into a stack folded in three parts.

The device makes use of the same “DragonHinge” that was revealed by TCL last earlier this year. This hinge folds the device smoothly unlike the clicky Galaxy Fold. The DragonHinge can even wrap smaller devices around your wrist.

The video from CNET shows exactly how it works.

The tri-folding phone is not expected to arrive anytime soon as it’s only a concept. The phone doesn’t even have a name yet and it’s far too early to be talking about specifications or release dates.

TCL mostly works on affordable televisions but has also worked with Blackberry and Alcatel from time to time to produce smartphones. The company is said to be working on a variety of foldable displays, so more foldable concepts should be arriving soon.