TikTok :We Will Be Back in Pakistan, But with Conditions

Short video sharing app, TikTok, that was blocked by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority for users in Pakistan earlier today, has said that its working for a come back in Pakistan, with conditions though.

While no more details were shared, a tweet issued by official handle of TikTok Pakistan said that company is working to restore its services in the country.

Not to mention, PTA had repeatedly warned TikTok to self moderate its content or the platform will be blocked in Pakistan for indecent and immoral content.

TikTok, after warnings and a blockade today, appears to have heard the call and is seemingly working on introducing more serious moderation of the content on platform.

However, a lot of internet users are celebrating the ban. They are opining that TikTok was spreading indecency and should remain blocked.

A poll being conducted by TikTok itself is actually saying that majority of participants want the app to remain blocked in Pakistan.

Do you think #TikTok should remain blocked in Pakistan?