Tips to Get Smooth, Soft and White Hands and Feet

Face, hair, dresses and makeup are some of the things women usually emphasize on. In doing so, their hands and feet face negligence. However, hands and feet are of same importance and need to be taken care of in the same manner as you care for your face or hair. The Soft and smooth hands are within your reach. You can get softer hands by just applying a few simple tips. Read about these tips and ideas for hand care and make them soft at home easily.

How to Make Hands and Feet Soft:

Soft and Smooth Hands and Feet Tip # 1: For those who hard and crude palms then mix one tea spoon of sugar with lemon juice and steadily wipe this mixture all across your hands till the sugar crystal start getting melted. Continue doing this process two or three days and see the results, your hands will turn out to be soft and smooth.

Soft and Smooth Hands and Feet Tip # 2: In order to get smooth and sensitive hands, take two table spoon of olive oil, one table spoon of lemon juice and half tea spoon of water and beat it with hands. Apply this mixture slowly on your hands whenever they are wet. This mixture will make your hands soft and smooth.

Soft and Smooth Hands and Feet Tip # 3: To make your hands look fairer, mix together milk and honey and apply it on hands just like soap and remove it after some time. To maintain the hand skin soft and fresh, mix few drops of rose water, one tea spoon of cream with a little honey and make use of it. By trying this tip you will see miraculous results for sure.

Soft and Smooth Hands and Feet Tip # 4: To make your feet become soft and smooth with no cracks and rosy toes, you can use a simple home based tip. First of all moisten your feet using petroleum jelly and massage well and wear socks for about 4 to 5 hours or overnight would do the best. After that boil turnip and mash it well, until it gets mixed into the water properly. Take a tub and add warm water, some salt, a bit of shampoo and add those mashed turnip mixture and dip your feet for 10 to 15 minutes. After that scrub your feet using a foot scrub and try to remove all the dead skin. Clean your nails and scrub away your toes properly. After that wash your feet properly using lukewarm water and dry your feet with a soft towel. You will see your feet will become so soft and smooth and clean as well. You can observe clear difference in the condition from that you had previously. This tip should be used on regular basis to maintain the beauty and softness of your feet.

Thus trying these homemade tips can help you make your feet and hands look soft, smooth and white and of course a bit more beautiful than you can imagine. Try them and have softer and more beautiful feet and hands a long with wonderful hair and face.