Today`s Online Relation?

Today`s Online Relation?

Online love/relation is very popular now a day’s everywhere in every country every city even in every home you will find that in your friends many of your friends may have that type of love many of your friends trust on that love or want that love or believe on that love that online love.  And may be there could be a few cases or stories that you saw or know that they got together and married and living together.

But as we everyone know that online love is 99% fake it’s just a pass time, it’s for a time pass. When a person is alone or he don’t have to do anything or he don’t like to go anywhere or meet any one so then they start staying online and they do chit chat on  many type of website and apps.

There are many social website and apps that people try to get online love or you can say a pass time thing, or a person or a heart to play with it. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the most popular website for west your time to find a online fake love. And there are many other social apps that people use on mobile to find a time pass, or find a person to do time pass with him or her.

as i saw that in ever online love story there will be a one side true love or true person who get in true love either it’s from girls side or boys side but it will be just from one side in 99% but the other side person either its girls side or from boy side they just play and do time pass and use the other one.

But when their heart is full or bored form them they broke their heart and move to other one. And then they start to find the new online love fake love to broke others one heart and play with other one. And the one who was serious he/ she had a true feeling for him/her they starts crying starts hurting their self, and many of them attempts suicide. What that silly people get form online love from online relation just pain sadness and pain for a life time.

everyone knows that online relation is fake just a game just a pass time shit but they still do that and when they get hurt in it then they realize that i was wrong, i was on wrong place, i was with a wrong person, but what if you get hurt and it was your choice to do then why you are crying now.  Face it don’t cry face that you chose for yourself. When person chose or start online they don’t see anything don’t listen any one they just do that shit and enjoy it but when they get hurt in that relation they do silly things and they make hurt their families. And then their families get hurt and get pain and face there shit problems that even they didn’t knows there son/daughter was making for them from online world.

And in many stories you will see they start blackmailing each other, most of the time boys do that because when they start online relation they ask for nude pictures and also nudes videos. And most of the time when they are on video call boys records their videos and time pictures also and they save them in their computers and mobiles. And when they broke up then drama starts. Then the blackmailing  starts and most of the time boys do that thing i am not saying girls don’t do that or never did girls also do that but in 80% time boys did or do that.

And when girls get blackmailing for someone then most of the time girls end there life, and as we know that we see many nude pictures of innocent girls on Facebook and many other sites they boys shares and the girls knows that her pictures are shared online so then they do many silly things like end there life and many other shits. Silly if you cared that much about your respect about your life about your family they wouldn’t took that step for a online fake love shit love.

Sorry to say now a days there is no love everything is fake everyone is fake. Now a days there is no love if there is love it’s for nudes pictures for nudes videos and for online time passing for video call and then you all know what they do in video call just bull……… it’s not a love it’s just a passing time game play with each other heart even with each other’s body’s and they call it a love lol….

Our new generation is going in wrong way and they are using social world social media in wrong way social media is not for fake things not for to play with someone’s heart , emotion, feelings, social media is not for to break someone’s heart, social media is not for to play use any one for anything. But what our new generation is doing on social media where they are going.

Social media wasn’t made for online relation; social media wasn’t made for to play with someone’s life with summons emotions, with someone feelings. Social media wasn’t made for to hurt each other social media wasn’t made for to hurt or get hurt. Social media was made for love for friendship to show your thinking to show your city country. Social media was made for piece for love for friends. It was for that you can share your feeling online world to tell them what you think what you want to do in your life what you want to be in your life what you’re like what’s your need for life what type of life you want. What are you doing in your life social media was that share your knowledge what you know and it was for learning to learn from other.   Things you know share them online teach them and till you don’t share don’t tell don’t teach the things you can do it won’t be profitable because if you hide the things you made or you know how to make that things or how to do that it will go with you but when you teach someone it would be there till world remains. Not bad things i am talking about good things good knowledge not the bad things and knowledge. Respect them who thought you a one word they are your teachers. Being a Muslim it’s not good for us to make a online relation or i can say it’s haram for us to talk with non mehram boys/girls,

To stay far from that kind of relation that fake relation we should give time to our family friends and share our feelings to them and stay far from fake people weather its online or in our true life. We can use social media in a good way also if we stay far from fake people and fake love and relations.

And it’s a duty of a parents to look at their children’s what they are doing online they should check there mobile and computers to save them from bad people bad relation and from bad website. Then they will be happy also because if they won’t take any action on that they in the end they will get hurt from them also. So better to check them also and also teach them a good things and give them time also they you and your family can live a happy life….

Give respect & get respect…

This is my very first blog i really don’t know how it is..

What you think about it please tell us.


Muhammad Billal