Twitter is Testing a ‘Snooze’ Push Notifications Feature

Soon Twitter users will be able to snooze the push notifications as they snooze their alarm in the phone. The micro-blogging platform is testing a new feature that would allow you to mute push notifications for a certain amount of time.

This feature was first spotted by Jane Manchun Wong, who regularly unveils features of Twitter. She spotted it by finding a code underneath Twitter’s Android app. She found a built-in bell-shaped snooze button at the top right corner of the notifications tab. By tapping that, the Snooze Notifications panel will allow users to mute push notifications for up to 12 hours.

Twitter is Testing a ‘Snooze’ Push Notifications Feature

Twitter is labeling the feature as “Snooze” and allows users to silence notifications for either one, three or 12 hours. Once the users turn on the snooze feature, the notifications will be accumulated in the “Notifications” tab of the Twitter app, so the users can check them anytime. Isn’t it interesting?

Wong wrote in the blog post:

“Seeing the blue circle of push notifications popping up our Twitter app often sparks joy. For example, when your tweet went viral, your phone might keep buzzing nonstop. Sometimes, there might be a desire to pause the stream of push notifications on Twitter. Now Twitter has a ‘Snooze’ button that lets you pause push notifications for a specific amount of time,”

We hope that users will like this new feature when the company makes it live. Furthermore, Twitter is also working to fix the issues faced by users while using this social platform.