Twitter Withdraws India’s Host Country Ship Status on Pakistan’s Demand

Twitter has withdrawn India’s Host Country Ship Status on the demand of Pakistan, said chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Amir Azeem Bajwa.

Briefing the National Assembly Standing committee on Cabinet Secretariat, Chairman PTA said that for several Asian countries including Pakistan, the twitter host is Dubai and not India anymore. The Committee met under the chairmanship of Syed Amin-ul-Haque, MNA here on Wednesday.

Twitter Withdraws India’s Host Country Ship Status on Pakistan’s Demand

Pakistan has 300000 twitter subscribers. The materials are being monitored in cooperation with 32 institutions. PTA has blocked 903000 websites carrying hate speech and pornography materials.

Mir Ghulam Ali Talpur member National Assembly proposed that social media should be banned in Pakistan.  Ali Nawaz Awan, MNA said that social media in Pakistan is uncontrolled and unregulated. Chairman PTA said that government is working on the Data Protection Act for social media.

The Standing Committee directed Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to assert its regulatory role on the telecommunication sector for improvement in service delivery and coverage in far-flung areas.

The Committee also directed PTA to take stringent measures to address the menace of hate speech and religious intolerance on social media.

Social media is a magnificent tool for communication, but if it is used for spreading hate speech among people from different countries, such tools are not worth using. It is a good initiative from Twitter, and it shows that they do care about the right of people irrespective of their religion and company they are living in.