Wave Good Bye to WhatsApp for Windows Phone

Bad news for Microsoft users! Get ready to wave goodbye to WhatsApp.From July 1, the popular messaging app, WhatsApp will not be available on the Microsoft anymore. This news was picked up from WhatsApp FAQ page which revealed that users would not be able to use WhatsApp for Windows Phone after July 1. People will also not be able to use all Windows Phone operating systems after Dec. 31.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone will not be Available after July 1

However, the overall statement is quite ambiguous as the official statement has used the word “May” instead of “will”. It reads as:

WhatsApp may be deleted from the Microsoft Store sometime in the near future.

Well, we already knew that WhatsApp will lose support on windows phone. When the app will not be supported any further, it will be no longer available for use as it will not be updated.

Well some people would be shocked to know this but it should be mentioned here that very less number of people are using Windows phone nowadays. It means a few people will be effected with this decision. It should also be mentioned here that only a time will tell whether WhatsApp will loose its support on Windows phone or not as the statement from company is not clear.