WhatsApp chief ‘clears the air’ on new privacy policy

WhatsApp head Will Cathcart clarified issued several tweets on Sunday, in an attempt to clear the air regarding the debate going on for the past week on the messaging app’s newly issued privacy policy….

He said WhatsApp wanted to keep its users’ data safe and was promoting its new policy of end-to-end encryption. He said with this new encryption, no one, not even WhatsApp or Facebook could listen in to the users’ calls or messages. He said the company valued its users’ security and would continue to make policies that could help its users protect their privacy.

He made it clear that the new policy did not change how WhatsApp shared its consumers’ details with Facebook.

Cathcart said his company issued the new policy for businesses and how people used the app to communicate with businesses.

The head of the messaging app said the policy was meant to keep them ahead of their competition. He said his company valued their clients’ despite opposition. He added that WhatsApp would continue to provide secure communication to its clients.

What’s worth noticing is that he did not speak about how or what data WhatsApp was sharing with Facebook or third party companies. He also did not mention rising public concern about their personal data being sold by Facebook and its companies to ad networks.

WhatsApp to Share Your Data with Facebook