WhatsApp Will Let You Share Your Status on Facebook, Instagram

WhatsApp status, similar to daily stories on Facebook, will receive a major update soon. The chat app is currently testing a feature that will allow you to post your WhatsApp status to Facebook or Instagram Stories. The stories can also be shared on Gmail and Google photos under this update.

WhatsApp status has at least 500 million active users every day, if this feature works out, it will be beneficial for many, especially small businesses that operate via Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram combined.

How it Works

To use this feature, you don’t have to link your WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram accounts. Rather, the messaging app is using a data sharing API that is used by iOS and Android. You’ll be able to share your stories with external apps the same way you share other stuff from WhatsApp.

Also, users cannot automatically share the stories on all platforms, since WhatsApp is not keen on providing an automatic option. WhatsApp wants the feature to be an active decision on the part of the user.


This new feature is currently being tested and there is no word about when the update will roll out. However, if you are in the beta program, you might have gotten it already. The option will show up below the WhatsApp status option.

Back in 2014, when WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook, the social media giant promised that it will work independently. That changed in 2016 when the company decided to share user data with Facebook. This was condemned by European countries and Facebook had to pay a hefty penalty. We don’t know where this feature will lead us, but we do hope WhatsApp is careful with this.