Woman SHO Tricks An Alleged Robber Into Friendship And Arrests Him

Sharafat Khan found number of the alleged robber and called him for friendship in a bid arrest him who expressed willingness to come to an agreed point where she along with police team arrested him.

KARACHI: A woman station house officer (SHO) tricked an alleged robber into friendship via phone and arrested him on Wednesday.

Sharafat Khan, the female SHO of Tipu Sultan Police Station in Karachi, got contact number of one of the alleged robbers who had looted a citizen two weeks ago.

She pretended on the phone call as if she wanted friendship with him in a bid to arrest him.

The SHO and the robber agreed on phone call to meet face-to-face at a locality. Following the call, the woman went to the area after changing her appearance for not being noticed.

As the criminal reached there the SHO along with a police team successfully arrested him.

The police said that they recovered jewellery, cash and mobile phone from the possession of the arrested robber. The police also arrested his accomplice as he was spotted by him in the area.