Women Team of Pakistan Haven’t Been Paid for 6 Months

Due to a shift in management, Pakistan women’s centrally contracted players are still seeking their payment from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

The centrally contracted players are yet to receive their monthly retainers and according to sources, they have no received any payment from the board which includes the Najam Sethi’s tenure at the PCB helm.

The PCB awarded central contracts to 20 players through the first half of the year and 20 again in the second half of the year; this is because women’s contracts are on a six-month basis.

According to the source, the women have not been paid more than six months now. This, although reflects poorly on Ehsan Mani but it is worth noting that the issue first came to light under Najam Sethi’s tenure.

Ehsan Mani and other members of PCB held a meeting with the women’s team and reached an agreement that not only their previous dues will be cleared up but new contracts will await them when they will return from the Caribbean from the on-going T20 World Cup.

It is worth pointing out that the new contracts are purely based on performance and fitness.

Tough Transition Period

The players, on top of playing for the national team, also feature in domestic circuit for department teams such as ZTBL and State Bank. They receive separate salaries for domestic games which has also not been cleared up by the PCB for the July-December 2018 period.

Since the tour to Bangladesh, Malaysia and now the WWT20, the women’s team has only been receiving the match fees and an addition 75 dollars daily expense allowance. Furthermore, leading up to the World Cup, the team only received 50 dollars as their daily allowance in the month-long camp.

This is indeed a tough time for the Pakistan women’s team which needs to be highlighted more. The delay is mainly administrative and has been deemed as a collateral damage due to the transition from one management to another.