World record of 43 runs in one over

In the Ford trophy match in New Zealand, Northern District batsmen made 43 runs in one over against Central District, and made a record record in the list A cricket. According to Karko Info, the North Districts The batsmen, Carter and Bretchipton, filed their name in a runner-up with 43 runs in the opposing team’s bowlers, William Lloyd, in the history of the series. The batting coach started with overwhelmed by William Lloyd. On which the batsmen took two balls, but the next ball was legal, wherein the captain invested six times. Hampton took on the responsibility shifted to the single ynd Carter, playing his fifth match who made the last three balls 3 sixes So, 6 sixs, one wicket, single and nine, were scored 43 runs with an over 2 run. On the other hand, after this heavy overwhelming lead, his figure doubled in a row, where he scored only one wicket with only 42 runs in 9 overs, but in just 10 overs. A 85-run victory over 85 runs was made by his wicketkeepers, who made a record of 178 runs in the sixth wicket, with BJ Waiting and Peter McGill, who had 150 runs. Set up partnership After this aggressive batting, Carter finished his innings, but the captain failed to finish his series with just 5 runs. In 2013, one of Bangladesh’s first class-all-rounder Al-Wahluddin had 39 runs in an over in the Dhaka Premier League match in 2013. Alizabeth Chegbambara, former former Australian captain, took advantage of nine-ball, in the over 7 balls 4 hooks and 3 squares