World Thinks Of Pakistan As Dangerous Country Because Of Negative Media: American Tourist

American tourist advises Pakistani government to focus on tourism…
Islamabad (WebPaki/ Pakistan News – 6th February, 2019) Consequent to the government’s push for tourism industry and revival of peace, Pakistan’s profile is going up fast with various tourism and media organizations, and travelers now figuring it among the world’s top tourist destinations.

Similarly, an American citizen who came to visit Pakistan has given some important advice to the Pakistani government to promote tourism.

The American tourist said that we think of Pakistan as a dangerous country because its media portrays so.

The Pakistani government should promote tourism as it will produce long term outcomes, he said.

He further said that people should come to visit this beautiful country.

“When I came from America to visit Pakistan, I was told that it is a dangerous country,” he said, adding that, “The problem is that a common American can only perceive things as they are told.

“To tell you the truth, Pakistan is not at all dangerous. In fact, Mexico is far more dangerous than Pakistan,” he said.

He said that if Pakistani government focuses on the tourism sector, it will give fruitful outcomes.

Watch what he said:

The Pakistani government is already taking steps to promote tourism in country.

As a major step forward to promote tourism, Pakistan has also announced visa-on-arrival option to group tourists from 24 countries including China, Finland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, the United Kingdom, the United States and others.

With the changing geo-strategic situation, improvement of internal as well as regional peace and more importantly the liberalization of tourists’ visa policy, Pakistan’s tourism industry will further grow.