YouTube Bans Bird Box-Like Challenges That May Cause Physical Harm

YouTube has rolled out new guidelines with stricter rules for prank and challenge videos that may cause physical harm to viewers.

The latest change in the policy has come a day after a video went viral in which a teenager crashed his car doing the ‘Bird Box’ challenge.

The Bird Box Challenge is a viral internet trend in which people are challenged to navigate blindfolded as the character in Netflix movie ‘Bird Box’ did.

Netflix has issued a plea asking people to be safe and not try this at home.

The video streaming site has updated its guidelines in which it warns to ‘directly ban the videos of all challenges and pranks that are dangerous or harmful.’

It includes activities that may not cause any physical harm but prompt “severe emotional distress” for kids or make people they’re in “serious physical danger.”

It has announced a two-month grace period for YouTubers. During this time, the service will not send a strike against channels that violate the policy. It will, however, remove such videos from the platform.

The Other Change

The online video-sharing website has also announced a crackdown against channels that regularly violate policies with their videos’ thumbnail images or web links.

Channels that concede multiple strikes will no longer enjoy the facility of a custom thumbnail. Similarly, YouTubers that get three strikes in 90 days will lose their accounts altogether. A two-month grace period has also been announced for this situation.

Via: Engadget