YouTube for Android is working on ‘Featured in this Video’ Feature

YouTube is the best video streaming app with loads of features and comprehensive content available on it. The company keeps on launching new features on and off and this time it has come up with another exciting feature. YouTube for Android has just launched a new feature that will make it easier for you and creators to enjoy the content.

YouTube is testing a new section in the interface named ” ‘featured in this video’. This feature will generate links to the page of each creator, that will help viewers to reach to the channels of a particular creator.  Google revealed that these clickable links will be based on the range of signals including powerful algorithms adding more power to YouTube recommendations.

YouTube for Android is working on ‘Featured in this Video’ Feature

This feature will make things easier for creators who will be easily reachable now. In this way, creators will not be able to add their links in the description box and their channel will be recognized easily.

Right now this feature is in the testing phase and is only available for very less number of people. Only small no of Android users will be receiving it right now but once this feature is successful, it will be launched for more people.

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