ZTE Patent Reveals Phone with Folding Screen

As we have already heard about many manufacturers who are working on flexible display phones like Apple, Huawei, Samsung, Microsoft, and LG. Now one more smartphone manufacturer has jumped into this race. The Chinese company, ZTE is reportedly working on a foldable display. New ZTE Patent Reveals Phone with Folding Screen.

ZTE Patent Reveals Phone with Folding Screen

ZTE has already launched a foldable smartphone Axon M. The phone has two separate 5.2-inch displays that are connected by a hinge. However, Unlike the Axon M, ZTE’s patent reveals an external screen in front. The patent reveals dual camera setup and a fingerprint scanner on the back. When fully opened, the device becomes a tablet. The patent does not reveal the screen sizes, but obviously, the size of the tablet display will be twice the size of the external screen.

Earlier this year, US president Donald Trump Let ZTE reopen in Exchange of Fine and Security Guarantees. The Chinese vendor has to pay a $1.3 billion fine, agree to purchase US equipment and overhaul its management team. Now to Comply with US Mandate, ZTE Replaces its CEO and top Executives.

ZTE has already paid a $1 billion fine and has agreed to place $400 million in escrow to cover any future misdeeds. In addition, the company agreed to allow a U.S. team to monitor the firm’s compliance with U.S. prescribed punishments